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Previously recognized as a leading jewelry brand under the name ZESTHZ JEWELRY, the company has undergone a rebranding initiative and is now known as Sawada. The impetus behind this transformation was to create a brand that celebrates women who exude brilliance, and Sawada is dedicated to crafting timeless and contemporary jewelry that embodies this ideal. Our objective is to provide our customers with a daily luxury that is consistent with their aesthetic ideals.

At Sawada, we find inspiration in our customers, whose passion for beauty motivates us to exceed expectations and produce pieces that ignite the soul. As such, we are proud to introduce Sawada Press On Nails, a product line designed to offer beauty aficionados from all corners of the globe an affordable and convenient alternative to professional manicures. Our goal is to place "beauty at your fingertips" and to provide you with access to a multitude of fabulous manicures, each with its own unique and distinctive style.

In addition to our Press On Nails, Sawada is thrilled to unveil our new product series, Real Nail Gel. Unlike traditional press on nails that are machine printed, our Real Nail Gel nails are meticulously crafted by nail artists who apply gel nail polish to each press on nail for a flawless finish. With this revolutionary product, no one will be able to discern that you didn't just leave the salon.

At Sawada, we are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate fashion wardrobe. We invite you to embark on a journey with us and experience the convenience and luxury of our products today.