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Here at SAWADA, we are always proud to bring a little joy and sparkle to you. Hence, we always opt for materials that bring out your style and sophistication without having to spare quality and sustainability.
As always, the materials used to create our jewelry meet the worldwide standard for hypoallergenic pieces. Every piece is safe as it is free of harmful chemicals. To top it off, it is long-lasting and perfect for everyday wear.
Gold Plated
Gold-plated jewelry is made by depositing and bonding a thin layer of gold on another metal using electricity or chemicals. The difference in comparison is that 14k offers a subtle pale gold touch, while 18k is a warmer, more saturated color that closely resembles pure gold.
Cubic Zirconia
Cubic zirconia stones are colorless, semi-precious natural gemstones made from the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Zirconia is a stone that is cut like a real diamond, it shines like a diamond but at a more affordable price.

Freshwater Pearls
Our pearls are natural freshwater pearls, these are natural shapes, which means that each pearl is unique, of course, because of its uniqueness, pearls will have tiny flaws, which cannot be avoided in natural pearls, this That's what makes it unique.

Crystal Ore
Crystal ore is a rare mineral that forms colorless, transparent crystals when pure. When it contains trace elements and is irradiated, it will show different colors, such as purple, yellow and so on. Each natural crystal has a different shape and size, which means it is unique.

Hypoallergenic & Colorfast
SAWADA Jewelry Meticulously polished gold plated pieces on highly durable base metal. These high-quality materials have ensured a long-lasting quality standard. They won't turn your skin green or irritate it, and it will give it a real glow!
Our SAWADA Jewelry is made with only the best quality materials, both gold plated and gold vermeil. Of course, these types of jewelries are not pawnable, but the quality is just as top-grade!